Baltics face EU's biggest population decline

  • 2008-08-26
  • In cooperation with BNS

Photo: Ehsan Namavar

RIGA- The Baltics are set to face one of the biggest population decreases in theEuropean Union by 2060.

According to the data of the European Commission's statistics agencyEurostat, between 2008 and 2060, populations are set to increase in 13 memberstates and to drop in 14 member states.

The agency forecasts that Latvia'spopulation will shrink by 26 percent, ranking the Baltic country second to Bulgariawhose population is expected to dwindle by 28 percent over the nexthalf-century.

Lithuaniafollows with a 24 percent, Romaniawith 21 percent and Polandwith an 18 percent drop, Eurostat data reported.

Concurrently, the number of residents is set to rise by 66 percent in Cyprus,by 53 percent in Ireland,by 52 percent in Luxembourg,by 25 percent in the UKand by 18 percent in Sweden.

The UK isexpected to become the EU's most populous country with 77 million residents,followed by Francewith 72 million, Germanywith 71 million, Italywith 59 million and Spainwith 52 million.

Latvia alsostands out in terms of seniority figures. According to the Eurostat prognosis,by 2060 more than 60 percent of Latvia's residents will be older than 65, withsimilar prospects awaiting Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania,Slovenia and Slovakia.