Parliament adopts support statement

  • 2008-08-15
  • In cooperation with BNS

RIGA - The Latvian parliament on Thursday'sextraordinary meeting adopted a statement "On Russia's Military Attack onGeorgia", condemning Russia's military attack on Georgia, expressingcondolences to relatives of the victims of the conflict and calling oninternational organizations to take active part in regulating the conflict tohelp Georgia to deal with consequences of the war.

Lawmakers supported all the amendments to the text of the statement proposedby the foreign committee. The statement was adopted in the second reading by 64votes to four, with one abstention.

By adopting the statement, the parliament says that Latviais following the latest events in Georgiaand condemns Russia'smilitary assault. "The Latvian parliament believes that Russiahas breached sovereignty and state inviolability of Georgiaby launching military attacks against Georgia'scivil and military objects. This action arouses concern of the security,territorial inviolability and independence of every neighbor state of Russia,"said the statement.

The statement adds that the Russian peace-keeping mission in Georgiahad been unsuccessful, border conflicts had not been solved, furthermore,inadequate military action had been provoked, resulting in civilian casualtiesand seriously damaging infrastructure of Georgia.

"By launching hostilities against Georgia,Russia, being apermanent member of the UN Security Council, has breached its internationalliabilities, interpreting its peace-keeping mission's tasks unilaterally andwidely and has discredited itself as a peace-keeper in the region", saidthe statement.

The statement also notes that Russiaby using military power in Georgiahas created a dangerous precedent in international relations.

The Latvian parliament calls on Russia to immediately withdraw its troopsfrom the Georgian territory, both countries to cease military actions, resumenegotiations, and ensure international community a possibility to assess thesituation, provide medical and humanitarian assistance to victims, refugees anddeported people.

At an evening rally the same day, Georgian Ambassador Konstantin Korkeliamet with supporters and thanked them, opting to speak English rather thanRussian.

"Your support means a lot to Georgia and its people will never forget it." Hesaid, "Know that if Latviawas ever in the same situation we would help in everyway we can, though I hopewe will never have to."