Beer shipped to Afghanistan for Midsummer festivities

  • 2008-06-19
  • Monika Hanley
RIGA- To bring the spirit of Midsummer to those serving their country, Cesu Alus (Cesis Beer) took it upon them selves to ship off several cases of beer to the Latvian soldiers in Afghanistan.

The 115 soldiers currently serving, will receive the shipment of beer, juice and other non-alcoholic beverages  from the Latvian beer company just in time for the celebrations.

Representatives of the company said that those not on duty would be the only ones to imbibe alcohol.

NATO planes are to fly the refreshing drinks from Latvia to Meymaneh.

The base is part of the ProvincialReconstruction Team providing security and aids withreconstruction locally.

The number of troops was increased from 150 to 200  last year and has since declined to 115 troops.