Lietuva in brief - 2008-06-04

  • 2008-06-04
President Valdas Adamkus had a heart stimulator implanted on May 30 after being hospitalised earlier this week. He was admitted to hospital with a heart arrhythmia on May 28. Despite being 81, he is reportedly "20 years younger in health" than others his age, according to his doctor Remigijus Nargela. He resumed work on Monday and will refrain from strenuous activities for the next two weeks. He joins other politicians such as former French President Jacques Chirac, United States Vice-President Dick Cheney and former Polish President Lech Walesa who have heart stimulators.

Lithuania celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Independence Movement Sajudas on June 3. President Valdas Adamkus said that Lithuania has seen hardship during the last 20 years, but has not lost sight of their goals and will continue to achieve great things. "Today is a great celebration. We have something to be proud of from these past 20 years and each of us has something to rejoice in. I was far away from Lithuania on that day, but my heart trembled 's we scrunched for every bit of news we could get. The members of this initiative group can be compared with the Lithuanian council of 1918, who declared the February 16 Independence Act," he said. Parliamentary Speaker Ceslovas Jursenas called for an end to infighting and blaming and urged people to pay homage to the founders of the Sajudis movement. Intellectuals created the Sajudis movement in 1988. It led to the independence of Lithuania.

NATO has withdrawn backup forces stationed in the Ghor province of Afghanistan that were sent in support following the death of Sgt. Arunas Jarmalavicius. Lithuania is head of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in the Ghor province. Following the May 22 uprising backup was sent from the neighboring Herat province. Commander of the Operation Management Center Maj

A new Education and Science Minister was sworn in today after the last resigned following rows with striking teachers. Social Liberal Algirdas Monkevicius officially assumed office Tuesday. After the resignation Democrat Roma Zakaitiene. Monkevicius held the position before between 2000 and 2004.