Lietuva in brief - 2008-05-28

  • 2008-05-28
The controversial National Resurrection Party held a repeated constitutional assembly on May 25 to dispel any doubts about the party's legitimacy. A total of 1,360 founders attended the repeat assembly either personally or by proxy and approved the Party's bylaws, program and structure. "We did everything as prescribed by the law and will present all documents required for the party's registration to the Justice Ministry," said TV personality and party leader, Arunas Valinskas. He said that the party's membership has been rapidly increasing since the party's first assembly, which was cast in doubt when it was attended by an insufficient number of founders. With a reported membership of 2,000, the party is now the 37th registered political party in Lithuania.

President Valdas Adamkus congratulated Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili on the success of the parliamentary elections, as Georgia celebrated its national holiday, Independence Day. "The determination of the people of Georgia to build their future on the foundations of European values is greatly admired across the world. Georgia has once again reaffirmed this resolve by holding free and democratic parliamentary elections five days ago. I hope that the newly elected Parliament of Georgia and its government will continue the process of crucial reforms to your country," Adamkus wrote in his letter of congratulations. He also expressed his belief that deeper relations between Georgia and the European Union, as well as Georgia's future membership in NATO, will significantly contribute to security and stability in the region.

An MP has called for the introduction of short jail sentences for petty criminals and minor offenders. Alvydas Sadeckas said too many criminals have gotten into the habit of shoplifting or thieving from petrol stations as the fines are not severe enough to deter them. He believes that introducing 10 and 30 day prison sentences may succeed in a reduction of petty crime. According to Lietuvos Radijas, night-time petrol siphoning is increasing in Lithuania, leading to fears of the appearance of vigilante justice by enraged car owners who catch the crooks red handed.

Diesel fuel and gasoline prices at filling stations of Lietuva Statoil, one of Lithuania's largest retail fuel chains, hit new record highs last Friday. Statoil stores were selling diesel fuel at 4.35 litas (1.26 euros) per liter and 95 gasoline at 3.97 litas per liter. Diesel and gas prices are considerably lower in other filling stations. At Lukoil Baltija diesel was being sold at 4.27 litas per liter and 95 gasoline was being sold at 3.89 litas per liter. 

Vilnius hosted an Interpol conference on May 28. The conference was  presided  over  by Interpol Secretary General Ronald. K. Noble. There were 150 delegates from 48 countries from Europe, Latin America and other regions. The conference identified criminal and terrorist threats in all European regions, discussed the ways to fight against terrorism, international dug dealing and crimes, enhancement of the Interpol role and efficiency in search and arrest people hiding from prosecution, human trading and illegal migration, efforts against financial and hi-tech crimes.