The need for Father's Day

  • 2008-05-16
  • In cooperation with BNS

RIGA - Latvian Children and Family Affairs Minister Ainars Bastiks, pointedout the need to introduce a Father's day in Latvia,after congratulating families on the first Latvian Family Day.

Family Day as an official holiday on May 15 was celebrated in Latviafor the first time, Taivo Trams, the public relations specialist of LatvianChildren and Family Affairs Ministry.

It is still not easy to be a family in Latvia,which is why the people, who do not primarily think about their convenience,choose to establish families, Bastiks said.

Bastiks believes that true traditional family cannot be imagined without amother and a father, where each of the parents provides a role model for theirgender and help children grow up more balanced.

"We approve of the mothers. Now, the Family Day is a holiday as well.Yet, the father has still been left unnoticed and underestimated. To correctthe situation and give approving evaluation to the fathers that perform theirduties with love and conscience, a new tradition of Father's Day celebrationsshould be introduced in Latvia,"Bastiks said.

The Children and Family affairs minister invited the society to discusswhether the Father's Day is necessary and when could it be celebrated.