Russian compromise to come soon

  • 2008-05-10
  • In cooperation with BNS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

RIGA, VILNIUS- Foreign Minister Maris Riekstins (People'sParty) believes that there will be a compromise regarding the EuropeanUnion-Russia partnership and cooperation mandate, the minister's presssecretary Una Puspura told LETA news service.

The minister was agreed with Lithuania'sviews on the cooperation and believes they are important for the EU as well.  The current mandate is very similar to Lithuania's and include the frozen conflict in Georgia and Moldova and energy security.

Riekstins emphasized Lithuania'sand Latvia'scooperation with each other and other EU countries to come to a compromise andaccept a new agreement.

Lithuania is likely to liftits veto on talks between the European Union (EU) and Russia regarding their partnershipby the end of this month.

Lithuania is the soleopponent to the mandate on talks the EU hoped to begin in the June summit in Siberia with new Russian president Dmitry Medvedev takingpart.

LETA reported that Lithuaniais being pressed for a tougher stance by the EU on Russia"srole in so-called "frozen conflicts" with its ex-Soviet neighborssuch as Georgia.