Vilnius strip show hooligans

  • 2008-05-07
  • In cooperation with BNS

VILNIUS- In this bizarre twist of the usual hooliganism story, itturns out that not only fans get crazy, but team members as well. The Austriannational rugby team stripped naked in Vilniuslast weekend to compensate for their stunning 48-0 defeat. Little did they knowhowever, that there was video footage of the event, and was of course posted onthe internet a few days later.

 The video was put out by a blogger and picked up by Delfi, aLithuanian news portal.

 The video shows the team of 20 men singing and strippingnaked on a street in central Vilnius.The public's reaction to the event wasn't that of shock, but mild amusement,and onlookers reportedly applauded, and then went about their business.

 The president of the Lithuanian Rugby Federation was quotedas saying "Yes, these were the men we played against on Saturday ... Iguess the defeat could have prompted them to do that,"

 The Vilniuspolice chief reportedly called the strip show and act of hooliganism, but nocharges were pressed, the team flew home, and the video will most likely liveon in the Internet.