Irish citizens arrested for flashing in Latvia

  • 2008-04-29
  • In cooperation with BNS
RIGA- Today, the Riga Central District Court applied a security measure -arrest - to two Irish citizens involved in the flashing incident by Riga's FreedomMonument last Friday.

The two were detained by Riga Police on Friday following the flashingincident by the FreedomMonument.

One was a 22 year old man, who exposed his private parts and the other, a 26year old man was photographing.
Although the man exposing himself was highly intoxicated, his 'photographer' hadn'tconsumed any alcohol.

As these actions were carried out in a public place, the police classified itas delinquency and opened a criminal case because the incidents took place inpublic. The court will soon decide how much to fine them, and if the men willbe further detained.

As reported by LETA, the Freedom Monument has become a popular site for dirty pranksamong foreigners, especially British and Irish citizens, visiting Latvia. Mostoften the city's guests have been caught relieving themselves by the monument.The court usually fines the foreigners with LVL 50 administrative penalty.