India to receive first Baltic mission

  • 2008-04-29
  • In cooperation with the government of Lithuania

VILNIUS- The Lithuanian government has decided to open a diplomatic postin Delhi, India,in order to strengthen economic, political and cultural cooperation between India and Lithuania, along with encouragingIndian investment.

The EU has had a strategic partnership with India. Thegovernment of Lithuania, ina press release stated that representation in India will help them explore thepossibilities of economic cooperation regarding transport, trade and tourism.

There are also hopes of closer business ties between the twonations, especially in the areas of IT and scientific cooperation.

The mission should roll-out a consular network. With a recently growing numberof tourists from Lithuania,the Lithuanian representation will be able to provide an immediate consularservice to Lithuanian citizens.

This is the first Lithuanian diplomatic mission in the region of South Asia.
India and Lithuaniaestablished diplomatic relations back on 27 April 1992.