Bomb neutralized in Lithuania

  • 2008-04-21
  • In cooperation with BNS

VILNIUS - The LithuanianArmed Forces' mine-clearing units neutralized a 250-kilogram German-madeaviation bomb containing 80 kilograms of explosive material close to the smalltown of Birzai, northern Lithuania, on Sunday afternoon.

The explosive was deactivated on the spot because mine-clearing specialistssaid the German bomb SD 250, had various "catches," which made itimpossible to safely transport the bomb after removing the detonator.

The population was evacuated from the location, while older people werewarned to stay inside. A protective rampart was constructed in fears ofdetonation of the explosive device during the deactivation, which would havecaused fragments to spread in radius of one kilometer.

The military deactivators cut into the bomb shell and set the explosivematerial inside on fire. The explosive device burned and left the metal shell,which was safe for removal from the site.

The explosive device near the town of Birzaiwas reported by a farmer on Saturday evening. The bomb was found close to a gaspipeline and an electricity line.