Scottish job turned grisly for murdered woman

  • 2008-04-09
  • By Yury Sogis
VILNIUS - Two Lithuanians have been arrested in Scotland in connection with the horrific murder and decapitation of a Lithuanian citizen.
British press identified the victim as 35-year-old Jolanta Bledaite from Alytus.
Bledaite lived in the township of Brechin, where she reportedly earned money doing farm work.
The town is located about 24 kilometers north of Arbroath, where on April 1 two sisters, aged 9 and 11, found the victim's severed head and hands on the beach.
Bledaite was employed by Euro Employment, whose local labor coordinator Philip Brown also lived in the neighborhood.

Brown first expressed concern when Jolanta did not show up for work on March 31. He contacted police following the gruesome discovery of the body parts at Arbroath. It was he who identified Bledaite.
The owner of the Brechin trailer park where Jolanta had lived for 18 months described her as a shy, timid person.
Jolanta was a regular visitor at Hill View, where the two suspects lived. It is believed there was a family connection with one of the suspects, police said.
Police said the men, aged 19 and 40, were in custody but had not been charged.
"While we have two men in custody, we will be working diligently to establish the full circumstances surrounding Jolanta's death. Due to the large number of East European migrant workers we are speaking to during our inquiries, we have engaged the services of interpreters to assist us," Inspector Graham McMillan said.

Officers scoured the banks of the River Esk with rakes near Bledaite's flat. Detectives also enlisted the assistance of the local police dive team to search Arbroath harbor.
About 50 officers are working full-time on the inquiry, and a forensic investigation is taking place on the property where Bledaite lived with some roommates. Officers are also carrying out door-to-door inquiries.
Local police report that a puddle of blood was discovered on the floor of the woman's apartment. Detectives may also have found marijuana at the flat.