Estonia gears up for anniversary cyberattacks

  • 2008-04-09
  • In cooperation with NATO

After last April saw the removal of a Soviet memorial in Tallinn, and the subsequent protests and cyber attacksthat ensued, Estoniais ready for a repeat.

Last month Suleyman Anil, NATO's computer incident responsecenter head, stated that: "We have seen more of these attacks and we don'tthink this problem will disappear soon. Unless globally supported measures aretaken, it can become a global problem,"


The attacks last year nearly brought the government to ahalt and public services were severely immobilized.

Experts believe that despite an arrest made last year of anEstonian-Russian, the attacks originate from across the border in Russia.

At the NATO summit in Bucharestlast week, plans for cyber defense in Estonia were discussed as well asplans for a permanent defense center.  


Estoniais one of the cyber leaders of Europe, holdingits first online election in 2005.