Estonia-Latvian internal security discussions

  • 2008-04-08
  • In cooperation with BNS

TALLINN-Estonia's Interior Minister Juri Pihl will meet today with visiting Latviancolleague Mareks Seglins to discuss their plans for internal security.

The ministers are going to review the situation in their countries afteraccession to the visa-free Schengen program as well as preparations for joiningthe US visawaiver program, the Interior Ministry inTallinnreported.

Also on the agenda will be Estonian-Latvianpoints of contact, rescue cooperation, joint patrolling and compatibility oftelecommunication systems.

Marek Helm, who coordinates the establishment of a united domestic securityagency under the Interior Ministry, is slated to give an overview of the ministry'sdevelopment and acquaint the visiting Latvian officials with the project tomerge the police, border guard and citizenship and migration boards.

The head of the ministry's IT, databases and communications department,Hannes Martin, will report on the compatibility of Estonian and Latvian telecommunication systems.

The Latvian delegation will also review the work of the Police Board'scommand center during their visit in Estonia.