Estonia-Georgia scandal over Kosovo

  • 2008-04-07
  • In cooperation with BNS

TALLINN 's Georgian opposition leaders called for the resignation of PrimeMinister Lado Gurgenidze based on an interview given by the Georgian PrimeMinister in Estonia promising the recognition of Kosovo's independence.

 "Theprime minister must immediately resign as he makes statements impermissible forGeorgia, whichare in contradiction with the Georgian authorities' position," said TinaKhidasheli, one of the leaders of the oppositional Republican Party, regardinghis interview published in the daily Postimees.

The interview to the Postimees given by Prime Minister Gurgenidze said that Tbilisiwas prepared to recognize Kosovo, but according to the press service of theGeorgian government, the Estonianjournalist made a mistake. Khidasheli played the recording to reportersillustrating his point.

Postimees reporter Igor Taro, who conducted the interview with Gurgenidze,  asked, "So Georgiais in principle prepared to recognize Kosovo?" The Georgian primeminister's answer was, "Like all our friends have done already, yes."

Georgian Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze was on a visit to Estoniaat the end of the week before last.