Baltic support for Tibet

  • 2008-03-27
  • In cooperation with BNS

RIGA- Latvian parliament lawmakers havebanded together to show support for the recent Tibetan demonstrations towards Chineseauthorities. The group of lawmakers, chaired by Silva Bendrate from the New Eraparty, wrote a letter of support to be sent to the highest Chinese and Latvianauthorities condemning the violence inflicted upon unarmed demonstrators in Tibet.

The press release statedthat the lawmakers invited Chinese authorities to cease the violence and toobserve the fundamental human rights of freedom as well as religious andexpression freedoms in Tibet.

Bendrate said that the letters encouraging peaceful conflict resolution willbe sent to high representatives of both of both Chinese and Latviangovernments, as well as the representative of the UN.

Currently, the Latvian Tibet support group includes 12 lawmakers, while the groupfor Chinese parliamentary cooperation includes almost half of the parliament,  47 lawmakers.

Estonians are also coming out to show their support for Tibet,with over 200 people gathering at the Chinese Embassy in Tallinnon Wednesday to voice their concerns and criticisms over the situation in Tibet.