Microlink launches a new Internet portal in Latvia and Estonia

  • 1999-12-02
  • By Kairi Kurm
TALLINN - Microlink, the biggest information technology concern in the Baltics, merged its Internet-related subsidiaries in Latvia and Estonia under the name DELFI on Nov. 23 and launched two new Internet portals: delfi.ee in Estonia and delfi.lv in Latvia. A Lithuanian-language Delfi portal will be opened next year after Microlink has opened its representation in Lithuania.

"In the near term we plan to consolidate our position as the number one source of news and information on the Estonian Internet market," said David Cauthery, new media director at Delfi. "We will offer more customization features and we hope my Delfi will grow to become an important platform from which people launch their Internet journeys. Our goals in Latvia are much the same."

Both the Estonian and Latvian portals are replacing earlier portals but include more opportunities. Delfi.ee is the offspring of online.ee and delfi.lv. Both news sites include a searchable database, catalog system, e-commerce, free e-mail and a possibility to make one's own portal site, the first service of that kind in the Baltics. One of the most popular changes in delfi.ee is the opportunity to comment on content.

Delfi.ee has two competitors in Estonia: mega.ee and xxl.ee. Mega.ee belongs to the media group Ekspress Group and xxl.ee to the computer company XXL.EE, formerly Pennu Computer Systems. Tele2, an Internet and Cable TV services provider in Estonia, is planning to launch a new portal, everyday.ee, which is an Estonian version of the Swedish everyday.com.

Cauthery said there is no competition on the market currently, but he is looking for another powerful player.

"The more content available the larger and faster the market will grow. I feel we offer a unique product which is not easily copied," said Cauthery.

According to Cauthery, Mega.ee serves 15,000 pages a day, xxl.ee 12,000 to 13,000 pages and Delfi about 120,000 pages.