Nashi calls for Estonia boycott

  • 2008-02-18
  • In cooperation with BNS

TALLINN -- The Russian pro-Kremlin youth association, Nashi,has launched a new anti-Estonian campaign, appealing to Russians toboycott travel to the country.

Hundreds of Nashi members gathered at the Moscow representation of theEuropean Commission on Feb 18 to protest against the blacklisting of some ofits members. As a result, they are prohibited from entering the entire EuropeanUnion.

Activist Maryana Skvortsova told the demonstrators that she would officiallyrefuse to go to Europe. "I have no need for the European Union, if I'msupported by millions of Russians," Skvortsova said.

She said Estonia was attempting to damage Russia's friendly relationswith European countries by drawing up absurd lists of Russian citizens it didnot wish to see in the country.

Nashi leader Nikita Borovikov told Interfaxthat in the next few days the movement would open an Internet web site wherepersons refusing to travel to Europe because of Estonia's lack ofrespect could enter their names.

"We are planning to collect a million signatures and hand them over tothe Estonian embassy. When we collect a million signatures their wholeaction becomes baseless," Borovikov said.

Skvortsova is one of the Nashi activists entered into the Estonianblack list for standing on so-called memory guard at Tonismagi in Tallinn lastyear and for blocking the Estonian embassy in Moscow. Last year Estoniareturned to Russia about ten Nashi activists who attempted to stand guard atTonismagi.

On Estonia's accession to the Schengen visa space to all Schengencountries and Nashi members entered into the list have been returned from theborder. Skvortsova, too, was not permitted entry into Finland.