U.S. visa waiver wavering

  • 2008-02-18
  • In cooperation with BNS

TALLINN -- European Commission officials have said that securitymeasures demanded from Estonia and other European countries areunacceptable, the Eesti Peavalehtreports.

An early visa waiver depends on acceptance of American securityrequirements. The granting of a visa waiver would make travel between the U.S.and Estonia considerably quicker and easier.

The paper wrote last week that in its progress towards a visa waiver withthe United States the biggest stumbling block was the European Union's negativeopinion of American demands, including the supply of detailed personal dataabout people travelling to the United States.

On Wednesday Jonathan Faull, director general for legal affairs at theEuropean Commission, declared that the Americans' terms were unacceptable,largely because they were dealing direct with member states rather than viaBrussels.

Faull said that the EU, for example, did not interfere in business betweenWashington and the state of California.

"This would not be appropriate and as a result we expect the UnitedStates to act with similar respect concerning our laws. They know full wellthat it is necessary to come to talks with Brussels in some cases," hesaid, adding that questions around the supply of personal data are in theEuropean Commission's competence.