New year brings new passports for Lithuanians

  • 2007-12-21
  • In cooperation with BNS
 VILNIUS -- From January 1 2008, new, European standardpassports will be issued to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.

The new passports will contain Lithuanian ethnic and national informationon the inner pages, but will carry the common European Union burgundy colorpassport. The current passports are green.

The data page of the passport has an integrated non-contact electronicmedium, containing an individual's identification information and thepicture.

These passports contain a multiple laser images, which weren't used inthe previous passports.

The Internal Affairs Ministry says that on average 200,000 new passportsare issued in Lithuania every year. The population of Lithuania is 3.4 m.

Officers note that this document fulfills global security requirements,is difficult to falsify.

National symbolism is also to be printed on the passport pages.

"The passport will not only become a means of identification, but willalso present Lithuania to the world with our national, ethnic symbols andvicinities", said Internal Affairs Minister Regimantas Ciupaila in a pressconference on Thursday.

The passports which have been issued prior to Jan. 1 of 2008 will bevalid until the indicated date.