Estonia's record-breaking government

  • 2007-12-06
  • In cooperation with BNS

TALLINN -- The Estonian government shattered its previous record for dealing with business in an expeditious manner on Dec. 6 by taking just two minutes to work through a 20-point agenda.

The Reform Party, Pro Patria and ResPublica Union (IRL) and the Social Democratic Party rocketed through  their order of business, smashing their record from earlier this year when they amanged to dispatch 14 items in four minutes.

Explaining how the government managed to achieve such lightning-quick decisions, prime minister Andrus Ansip explainedthat government sessions were not the right place for political discussions, as thegovernment agreed on substantial issues at Cabinet meetings that often lastedseveral hours.

He added that the work of the government had become smootheralso thanks to the e-governance system that was being used already for theseventh year and had since been significantly updated. The system means that ministers awayfromTallinn when a government session is due can still participate by means of cyber-conferencing.