Graffiti gets 'Zapped'

  • 2007-12-04
  • In cooperation with BNS
VILNIUS -- A square in Vilnius, which found a bizarre form of fame several years ago when a statue of American musician Frank Zappa was erected there, is enjoying a second wave of artistic expression as the venue for an art exhibition.

Until now, the Zappa monument had been surrounded by wallssprayed with illegal graffiti of varying degrees of quality, but in recent days, artstudents have transformed the square with their own original artworks in a bidto "inspire more culture" into chaotic street art.

"Some illegal graffiti have been painted over, others were incorporatedinto new drawings and the new square has become more beautiful than it hadbeen to this day. There are lots of flat planes there, and each plane becamea sort of a separate drawing, however all compositions are united in aspirit of the oeuvre of Frank Zappa: a bit of irony, some humor and joie de vivre", one of the initiators of the project, photographerSaulius Paukstys, told BNS.

In the opinion of Paukstys, the "cultured" square should become a biggerattraction for locals and tourists.

The monument for Zappa was built in 1996 by his Lithuanian fans.

Zappa (1940-1993) was an iconoclastic American composer, guitarist, singer, and filmdirector. He is credited with releasingthe first conceptual rock music album and also enjoyed critical acclaim for his work in the psychedelic, jazz, avant-garde and electronic musical spheres.