Minimum wage deal agreed

  • 2007-11-22
  • In cooperation with BNS
TALLINN -- The Estonian Confederation of Trade Unions (EAKL) and the Estonian Employers' Confederation have agreed on an official minimummonthly wage of 4,350 kroons (278 euros) for 2008.

The nationwide minimum hourly pay according to theagreement will be 27 kroons (1.72 euros).

The chairman of EAKL, Harri Taliga, told the Baltic News Service that theoffer of 4,200 kroons a month that the employers came upwith had been something of a surprise.

"We had understood from media reports that employers were ready to conclude the agreement at 4,500 kroons," Taliga said.

Considering big public interest toward the outcome of the negotiations, the unions saw it as irresponsible to delay the accord for one more month in the hope of reaching a better deal, he said.

In the previous round of negotiations the unions'demand was 4,800 kroons, whereas employers said their negotiating range was 4,000-4,500 kroons.

The official minimum wage effective in Estonia this year is 3,600 kroons a month while the official minimum hourly pay is 21.50 kroons.

Data from different sources shows the number of recipients of the minimum wage in Estonia as being between 15,000 and 70,000.