Accusations fly over N-plant sabotage plot

  • 2007-11-20
  • In cooperation with BNS

VILNIUS -- Zilvinas Marcinkevicius, one of the executives of retail chain Vilniaus Prekyba, which is slated to participate in the new Ignalina power-plant project viasubsidiary NDX energy, has made the extraordinary accusation against Darius Mockus, a major shareholder of large corporate group MG Baltic.

On Nov. 19, Marcinkevicius accused Mockus, of connections with the Russian secret services and said he was working to ruin the chances of the power plant being built.

Marcinkevicius said MG Baltic was hatching a plan 's details of which he did not specify -  to blackmail the nation.

"I am familiar with facts about Mockus's long-term collaboration with Russian residents from security services, and about companies established by them in Lithuania," said Marcinkevicius.

Mockus, after hearing the accusations made on the TV show 'Forumas', said that he would not comment on Marcinkevicius'  "lie".

"There is nothing to comment on here. I am astounded that he can lie on live television just like that," said Mockus.

However, he did confirm that he would consider defending his honor in court.

A representative of Vilniaus Prekyba said his client could back up his statement with facts.

MG Baltic did originally bid to participate in the atomic plant project, but its overtures were rejected. Mockus has publicly denied that he would seek revenge for being cold-shouldered.