Bird of prey is flying high again

  • 2007-11-13
  • In cooperation with BNS

VILNIUS -- Veterinarians at a Kaunas clinic have performed the firstfeather transplant on a sea eagle.

The daily newspaper Lietuvos Rytas said the bird was setfree after two hours in surgery.

"After a second of doubt, the bird took off and flewaway with powerful strokes of its wings. We observed the flight for about 500meters until he disappeared behind the forests," said young veterinarianJulius Morkunas, who performed the surgery together with ornithologist SauliusRumbutis.

In late October, the exhausted bird was with damaged wings was discovered on the bank of the Nemunas close to the Kaunashydro-electric power plant. It is believed to have received its injuries afterhitting electric wires.

During the operation, specialwater-resistant glue was used to fasten donor feathers to guaranteelong-lasting performance of the reconstructed wing.