RAIL CARGO - Industry Briefs

  • 2007-11-07
November 5: Latvijas Dzelzcels (Latvian Railway) has launched the second phase of the Latvian East-West Railway Corridor project, with the total investments in the project planned at nearly 90 million euros. The East-West Railway Corridor is the main section of the Latvian railway network linking the Baltic Sea ports of Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja with Russian networks, which in turn provide access to the Asian markets.

Representatives of the railway company's press service told journalists that construction on the second phase of the project will cost just under 41 million euros and that it should be completed in 2.5 years.

November 1: Eesti Raudtee (Estonian Railway) received an average of 18.1 freight trains per day at the Russian border in October, two more than in August and September. Eesti Raudtee expects a moderate increase in the number of trains coming from Russia to continue, the state-owned company said.

In October 2006 Eesti Raudtee received on average 29.4 trains daily at the Russian border. In August and September the average number was 16.1. The volume of rail freight from Russia to Estonia fell abruptly at the beginning of May after the Bronze Soldier war memorial was shifted from downtown Tallinn to a military cemetery.