Belarus opposition leader wants Baltic backing

  • 2007-09-28
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - A leader of the Belarusian opposition hopes the Baltic states, Czech Republic and Slovakia will let the European Union know its Belarusian aid programs have failed because of too much red tape.

Speaking at the Open Estonia Foundation, Sep. 27, vice-chairman of the United Citizens Party of Belarus Yaroslav Romanchuk said the EU should change its tactics in dealing with the authoritarian regime of Alexander Lukachenko.

"I see it as a special mission for the Baltic states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to explain to the EU how to work in a country with an authoritarian regime," Romanchuk said.

Romanchuk denied rumors that the Belarusian opposition has split into a pro-Kremlin and a pro-EU wing.

"Not a single democratic force is pro-Russian and only three percent of Belarusian residents are for a union with Russia," the opposition leader stated.

Romanchuk is a prominent economist and president of the Mises research center.