Adamkus positive on energy plan

  • 2007-09-20
  • By Mike Collier
VILNIUS 's Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus has welcomed the a new European energy policy package prepared by the European Commission.

The package has the stated objectives of creating better conditions for consumers to choose energy suppliers, while at the same time increasing the competitiveness and security of power and natural gas supplies.

According to Adamkus, the proposal should contribute to building a single European energy market, and implementing a common policy in respect of suppliers from third countries 's and particularly Russia.

"It is very important for Lithuanian residents to be able to choose electricity and natural gas suppliers as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to carry through the planned projects of power bridges to Sweden and Poland," said Mr. Adamkus.

President Adamkus urged the government to analyze in detail the proposals issued by the European Commission and to represent Lithuanian interests in the forthcoming discussions on the Commission's proposals, which might affect strategically important energy projects such as the proposed new nuclear power plant near Ignalina.

He also urged the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy to be more precise in its activities since many of the proposals concern national regulators.

It is expected that EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs will present the proposals issued by the European Commission at the Vilnius Energy Summit to be held in Vilnius this coming October.