Public sanguine about freedom monument

  • 2007-09-18
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - A survey carried out by the Postimees newspaper in Tallinn suggests that predictions Estonia would face more controversy over proposals for a new Freedom Monument are wide of the mark. In fact, it seems that many Estonians aren't particularly bothered either way.

Polling company Emor reported that 37 percent of respondents are in favor of the design by Rainer Sternfeld, Andri Laidre, Kadri Kiho and Ahto Savi depicting the Order of the Cross of Libery at the top of a 28-meter pillar.

Some 28 percent are against the design and 23 percent haven't seen the design, so have no opinion.

In all, 68 percent of respondents were of the opinion that a Freedom Monument should be erected, whereas 21 percent considered the effort unnecessary and 12 percent had no opinion.

By ethnic breakdown, 83 percent of Estonians and 39 percent of non-Estonians considered it important that a monument would be erected.

The monument's basic design has been approved by the government and it is anticipated that it will be completed by Nov. 28, 2008, the 80th anniversary of the start of the War of Independence.