'HIV attack' to go to court

  • 2007-09-17
  • From wire reports
KLAIPEDA - Police and prosecutors in the Lithuanian port city of Klaipeda have announced that they are ready to launch a prosecution in a case with no precedent in Lithuania 's an attempt by a man to infect his former partner with HIV.

The man, 36, is suspected of convincing an associate to inject HIV-infected blood into his former common-law wife as a revenge for seeing another man.

The accused reportedly obtained from a man with HIV and gave a syringe to his accomplice, who waited for the woman near her home and tried to inject her with it when she came outside. The woman managed to avoid the attack by hiding in a car. The incident is alleged to have taken place in May.

The accomplice of the jealous man is also due to be charged with preparing to infect another person with an incurable disease.

The maximum penalty for the crime is a 10 years in prison.

Though not a guaranteed method of instigating an HIV infection, there is a high risk that an injection of HIV-infected blood will result in developing the condition.