Demo demands release of Night Vigil activists

  • 2007-09-14
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Night Vigil, a movement representing mainly Russian-speaking young people, staged another demonstration in Tallinn, Sep. 13.

The small demo consisting of around thirty people demanded the release of Dmitri Linter and Maksim Reva, who are suspected of co-ordinating mass disturbances in the city during the Bronze Soldier riots of last April.

Night Vigil spokeswoman Larisa Neshadimova said more than 2,500 signatures had been collected by demonstrators calling for Reva's and Linter's release.

Representatives of a new youth association, dubbed the Volunteer Movement, also took part in Thursday's picket.

A leader of the movement, Alexander Korobov is on record saying that the intention is to collect 5,000-10,000 signatures and then hand it over to European institutions.

But the signatures would be handed over in any case if Linter and Reva are not released by October 27, six months from the day they were taken into police custody.

Police took three Night Vigil leaders into custody on April 28: Mark Siryk (18), Linter (33) and Reva (32). Siryk was released in mid-June after a decision by public prosecutor Laura Vaik. The other two suspects are still behind bars, although they have filed repeated applications for their release.

Mass disturbances broke out in Tallinn on April 26 when the Defense Ministry launched plans for the exhumation of soldiers' remains from a Red Army soldier monument in central Tallinn and the monument's relocation.