Waiter, there's a bullet in my soup!

  • 2007-08-21
  • By TBT staff and wire reports
VILNIUS, Aug 21, BNS 's A member of Lithuania's elite VIP Protection Service has been dismissed after an incident worthy of Steven Segal movie Under Siege.

Jonas Paulikas, a major in the service was sacked after drawing his gun and shooting at the chef in a Vilnius restaurant.

"He will no longer work for us. We will not give further comment, but… it has been determined that the officer downgraded the name of an officer [equivalent to bringing the service into disrepute] and according to the statute, the penalty for that is dismissal," Rymantas Mockevicius, the acting head of the Service, told BNS.

Paulikas, who was assigned as a bodyguard to former president Algirdas Brazauskas, was one of the longest-serving officers in the VIP Protection Service, having worked there since 1991.

Last week, after an argument with staff at a Vilnius restuarant, Paulikas pulled out his Sig Sauer gun and fired up to seven rounds at the chef, who was reported to be running around the kitchen trying to dodge the bullets. No-one was injured.

The officer was arrested and discovered to be severely intoxicated.

What he ordered from the menu to provoke such an extreme reaction is not recorded.