Activists warn fur farmers

  • 2007-08-06
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Animal rights activists purporting to be from the Animal Liberation Front have promised to take action against Estonian fur farmers, reports BNS.

The ALF declared that fur farmers had been given until the end of 2017 to close their farms and become involved in animal-friendly businesses.

"During the ten-year grace the Animal Liberation Front will plan smaller and bigger attacks so the farmers will not forget the danger," the organization said.

According to animal rights activists no reprisals will be taken against those who publicly declare the closure of their farms.

The ALF claims there are more than 200 fur farms operating in Estonia and that animals suffer in small cages.

The ALF's international website already records instances of direct action taken by Estonian activists. One anonymous message says that in April "the ALF visited a local hunting supplies shop. Windows were smashed and paint dumped on the door. We have only just begun."

An earlier posting says: "ALF has started some actions in Estonia. In January the lock of a fur shop was glued in Tallinn. Today this shop is closed. Reason unknown."

"In February locks of two fur shops was glued and one of them had ALF painted on the wall. This shop belongs to Finnish fur designer Tarja Niskanen who lives part-time in Estonia because she feels unsecure in Finland under the pressure of AR activists there. Tarja you can run but you can't hide."

In November 2006, around 100 protestors staged the first recorded demonstration against the fur trade in Tallinn.