EU must foot energy bridge bill

  • 2007-08-02
  • By Mike Collier
WARSAW - A document signed Aug 1 by Polish energy company PSE and Lithuanian Energy says EU paymasters must come up with "at least" three quarters of the costs associated with the proposed 'energy bridge' linking the two countries.

The document confirms that the energy bridge is technically, economically and legislatively feasible 's but only if EU funds account for the lion's share of costs.

PSE chairman Pawel Urbanski said that construction of the energy bridge would "contribute to the strengthening of energy security," adding that "this is the route form which energy from Ignalia [nuclear power plant] will flow

PSE CEO Pawel Urbanski said that realization of the project will allow Poland and Lithuania to integrate their power systems, thus increasing energy security.

"It will contribute to a strengthening of the energy security of our country," Urbanski said as quoted in the statement. "This is the way through which the energy from [nuclear power plant] Ignalina will flow. From the beginning we have considered the two projects 's the energy bridge and the nuclear plant 's as a joint development."

Total costs of the energy bridge project are estimated at 237 million euros, of which Poland would be reponsible for 71 million euros and Lithuania 166 millio euros. On that basis, EU contributions to the two countries would have to total at least 178 million euros. 2012 is the nominal date for completion.