MEP warns about Gazprom move

  • 2007-08-02
  • From wire reports
BRUSSELS - Lithuania should be worried about the policy of Russian gas giant Gazprom, in the wake of its announcement that it is to cut supplies to Belarus, said Lithuanian MEP Sarunas Birutis Aug 1.

Gazprom's decision to cut supplies by 45 percent (21 million cubic meters) from Friday as a result of non-payment of bills is a cause for concern with possible consequences for consumers in Lithuania, Poland and Germany, the MEP believes, despite Russian assurances to the contrary.

In Birutis' opinion, Lithuania should be taking steps to help develop the Incukalns gas storage facility in Latvia and building one of its own in western Lithuania, reports BNS.

The MEP further believes that the EU and Russia must reach a clear agreement on the principles of future energy security.

Gazprom says that there will be no reduction of gas transit to EU countries, but a 2006 spat between Russia and Belarus caused widespread concern throughout Lithuania, Poland and Germany as the main supply pipeline runs across Belarussian territory.

Gazprom currently supplies 25 percent of the EU's gas needs.