Sex tourism campaign closes

  • 2007-07-27
  • By TBT staff and wire reports
RIGA - The month-long 'STOP Sex-Terrorism' campaign has come to a close with an event involving graffitti artists and scantily-clad models.

In the central Esplanade Park, around a dozen young people gathered July 26 to create a symbolic memorial to what was described as the "Fallen Girl."

The artists taking part in the campaign wanted to remain anonymous, and some of them had hid their faces behind scarves and sunglasses. On the symbolic monument they created, activists depicted the campaign's logo -- a gaping human mouth with the words "Sex? Terrorism" written on it, a pink outline of the Latvian map and girls in bikinis.

The activities of the young people drew attention from passers-by who stopped to watch the creation of the artwork, as an alluringly dressed girl strolled around the park distributing booklets.

Evita Bille, a spokeswoman for Alfa Centrs advertising agency, told BNS that the memorial is dedicated to a symbolic "Fallen Girl" who engages in unsafe one-night stands.

"The aim is to draw attention of young girls and dissuade them from engaging in one-night stands, as such behaviour creates negative image of Latvia in foreign countries, and some tourists arrive here with the sole purpose of finding young girls, instead of learning about our cultural heritage," Bille said.

The monument was later transferred to Andrejsala where it will be put on display for a month.

However, by July 27 several Latvian newspapers were carrying reports saying that campaign's message had been too vague.