Embassy promotes responsible tourism

  • 2007-07-26
  • From wire reports
RIGA 's The British embassy in Latvia says it will try to educate visitors on how to behave while in the country.

Britons regularly feature in news reports thanks to their loud and drunken behavior in the city, with infamous 'stag parties' of aggressive young men causing so much trouble that some bars and clubs now sport 'no stag parties' signs.

Outgoing UK ambassador Ian Bond said the embassy will continue a campaign on responsible tourism, informing his compatriots that niceties such as obeying the law and not urinating on the Freedom Monument are best policy.

During a farewell meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis, Bond said: "Since March we have been implementing a responsible tourism campaign. We will continue close cooperation with the Latvian National Police and Riga Municipal Police. We will continue doing everything to inform tourists that they have to respect the legislation, traditions and monuments of the country."

He added that only a small proportion of British nationals visiting Riga commit offences.

"Although the incidents gain vast publicity, the number of cases represents a minor proportion of 85,000 or more of British tourists who visit Latvia. I think that the majority of tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful city and state," added Bond.

Last weekend Latvian National Police charged two Britons for possessing cocaine and arrested a third for exposing himself on the Freedom Monument.