Trouble mars music festival

  • 2007-07-24
  • From wire reports
LIEPAJA - Medics had to treat around 100 people during the Baltic Beach Party organized by Tele 2 in the western Latvian seaside town of Liepaja, the town's hospital has confirmed.

During the course of the festival July 20-22, medical assistance was provided to 100 individuals, including nine people under influence of alcohol and drugs.

Most of the injuries were cuts and bruises sustained in scuffles or as a result of when falls, as well as injuries arising from abuse of alcohol. Most of the patients were teenagers unused to drinking and medical staff also had to cope with abuse and aggression while they provided assistance, hospital staff said.

The Baltic Beach Party festival has been organized every year since 2001 and has become a major date on the Baltic entertainment calendar. This year's event was the largest so far, with approximately 62,000 people attending.