More Britons arrested

  • 2007-07-23
  • By TBT staff and wire reports
RIGA - Four British nationals were arrested in Riga over the weekend in two separate incidents.

Police reported that July 21 cocaine was found on two British nationals aged 32 and 31. Approximately one gram of cocaine was found on each. Both were arrested. A third man detained was released. According to police information, all three were members of a stag party.

When asked why the police had searched the men, police spokesman Aigars Berzins said: "Operative information was at the police's disposal, which was used."

In a second incident a 23-year-old Scot in national costume was detained after mounting the steps of the freedom monument and confirming that indeed, Scotsmen do not wear anything under their kilts.

"The man had lifted his kilt and was flapping it," Berzins said.

The Scotsman was taken to a police station and now faces an administrative fine of up to 70 euros or up to 15 days under administrative arrest.

In response to a series of incidents involving rowdy British tourists, including numerous individuals urinating on the freedom monument, the For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK political parties recently called for stiffer penalties to be imposed.

Meanwhile, across the border in Estonia, two further British nationals sustained minor injuries after ina road accident in the southeastern Polvamaa region on the evening of July 22.

The Interior Ministry said the accident was caused by inapproporiate speed, causing the Honda CRV car in which the men were driving to roll over.