Rimi sales soar

  • 2007-07-04
  • By Mike Collier

SUPERMARKET SWEEP: sales at Rimi continue to rise

RIGA - Rimi, the Baltic region's second largest supermarket chain has posted spectacular growth figures for the period January to June 2007.

Sales totalled 553.1 million euros (excluding VAT), representing an impressive 23 per cent gain on last year's numbers.

Sales in Estonia rose by a modest 5 per cent, while Latvia and Lithuania provided the real impetus with gains of 33 per cent each.

Rimi Baltic Group has been opening new outlets at a rapid rate throughout the region and now operates 207 stores of which 64 are located in Estonia, 90 in Latvia and 53 in Lithuania.

Company spokesperson Zane Eniņa told The Baltic Times: "Of course we are very happy with these results, which are even better than we expected. We feel that the results reflect the strength of the general economic situation and believe that this trend can continue, at least for the next six months. For next year we are a little more cautious, but the outlook remains very positive."