Police shut down Denis the menace

  • 2007-07-06
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Estonian Police have discovered a home-made drugs laboratory in the capital producing quantities of the illegal drug GHB [gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid] also known as 'G', 'Liquid E' and 'korgijook' or 'cork drink' in Estonia.

A spokesman for the North Police Prefecture said that officers of the Central Criminal Police had arrested a man by the name of Denis, aged 27, after he was found making GHB in his apartment.

The police found 200 liters of GBL, a precursor of GHB, at a summer house belonging to the man's parents.

"This is an extremely large amount of the drug, as it would have been possible to make nearly 400 liters of GHB with the 200 liters of GBL," Central Criminal Police Superintendent Veiko Germann said.

"One dose of GHB is a about five milliliters. The market value of the amount would thus have been 3.2 million kroons (204,000 euros)," Germann said.

Central criminal police officials detained Denis on June 26 in the capital's Lasnamae area and more than two liters of GHB were seized during a search of his car.

Later searches were carried out in his apartment, and in his parents' summer house, revealing processing equipment required for the manufacture of GHB as well as the quantities of GBL and GHB.

The suspect has previously been convicted of drug-related crimes. If found guuilty, Denis could be facing from three to 15 years in prison.