Estonian PM, justice minister insist that cyber attacks came from Kremlin computers

  • 2007-06-08
  • From wire reports
In the face of media reports that suggested otherwise, Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and Justice Minister Rein Lang once again reiterated on Thursday that computers traced to the Kremlin administration by their IP addresses were used in the cyber attacks mounted against Estonia recently.

In late April, evidently in response to the controversial relocation of the Bronze Soldier monument in Tallinn, Estonia was hit with a series of widespread attacks on its websites and computer infrastructure.

There were cyber attacks that came from the Kremlin's IP addresses, Ansip said at a government press conference on Thursday.

Lang meanwhile said the question of whether the computers of the Kremlin administration that took part in the attacks were used intentionally or without intention deserves investigation. However he said that both are bad options, he added.

Lang said that an organized attack against Estonia's infrastructure took place and that Estonia has proof of this.

Last week Jose Nazario, a senior security engineer from Arbor Networks, a private online security consultancy that investigated the attacks, said that the Russian government was not responsible for them, and said that a highly-skilled group of Russian-speaking computer gurus was the likely culprit.

The topic of the cyber attacks will be discussed by the council for justice and interior affairs of the EU next Tuesday and Wednesday.