Lithuanian children discriminated against in Ireland

  • 2007-06-06
  • from wire reports
After a visit to Ireland, Children's Rights Ombudsman Rimante Salasevicuite said that Lithuanian children there feel unsafe and discriminated against, Lietuvos Rytas daily reports. .

She noted that at some schools in Ireland, children are prevented from speaking Lithuanian even with their siblings. In one Irish town Lithuanian teenagers are beaten only because they are more beautiful than Irish ones, she said.

After communicating with teachers and active figures in the Irish Lithuanian community she concluded that Lithuanian children are not considered the equals of Irish ones.
In Salaseviciute's words, the issue is increased by the fact that Lithuanian parents are afraid to register complaints for Irish services defending children's rights, and that they do not truly understand the extent to which their children are being discriminated against.
It is thought that there might be some 20-30 thousand children from Lithuanian families in Ireland.