Lithuanian jailed for damaging Roman fountain

  • 2007-06-04
  • BNS
A Lithuanian man will spend a year in an Italian prison for desecrating a famous fountain in Rome, Lietuvos Rytas daily newspaper reported.

Darius Paliutis, 44, faced an Italian court over charges of vandalism, alongside three men from Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

All four men were found guilty of using a screwdriver to damage La Barcaccia, a fountain of a ship that adorns the Piazza de Spagna in central Rome. The fountain was created by Pietro Bernini and his son Giano Lorenzo between 1627 and 1629.

The drunken men were observed vandalizing the statue in the early hours of May 15. Police said they were attempting to scrape the Pope's emblem from the sculpture, leaving several scratches on the stone.

Prosecutors only sought a seven month sentence, but the court saw fit to imprison the men for one year.