Surveillance cameras record bomber

  • 2007-05-25
  • From wire reports
Surveillance cameras near the building of the Latvian Customs Criminal Board have recorded images of the person placing an explosive device by the car of the board's head Vladimirs Vaskevics, who sustained injuries in a car blast on Monday, BNS reported on May 23.

Parliament national security committee head Dzintars Jaundzeikars gave the information to journalists after meeting with Interior Minister Ivars Godmanis.

Jaundzeikars said that not only the perpetrators of the bombing must be established, but the contractors as well. He did not elaborate on the investigation of the case.

Godmanis and Criminal Police head Dailis Luks also declined to comment the investigation, which is being conducted by the Organized Crime Enforcement Department, into the attempted murder of Vaskevics.

Vaskevics sustained serious injuries when the bomb went off in his Subaru car. Vaskevics was taken to a hospital in Riga, and medics describe his condition as stable.

There are various theories on the possible motives of the crime, but responsible officials say most probably it was related to Vaskevic's professional work.

Vaskevics has already survived car explosions in the past, and he received threats last summer. Those cases were reportedly linked to his professional work.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Godmanis has flatly denied information circulating in the media that the attempted murder was fake, and was planned to divert attention from Vaskevics' suspicious financial dealings.