Lithuania swelters in record heat

  • 2007-05-25
  • From wire reports
New heat records were registered throughout Lithuania this week as more hot weather and thunder showers are forecast for the weekend.
On Tuesday, the nation's highs were 27 - 30 degrees Celsius, exceeding the temperature records for that day in as many as 15 meteorology stations, the Lithuanian Hydrometeorology Service reported Thursday. Temperatures were just 0.1 degree shy of the all-time May 22 high registered in Kaunas in 1937.
The hot weather will alternate with short periods of rain and thunder in Lithuania over the next few days.
Forecasts say there will be no rain in Lithuania on Friday however. Nighttime lows will be 7 - 12 degrees Celsius, while daytime highs will be 23 - 28 degrees, and 20 - 22 degrees at the seacoast.
More heat records are expected to be broken Saturday. There will be rain in some parts of Lithuania on the night leading up to Saturday, and in most regions during the daytime, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms. Night-time temperatures will be 13 - 18 degrees Celsius, while daytime highs will be 28 - 33 degrees.
On Sunday and Monday temperatures will be 16 - 21 degrees Celsius at night and 27 - 32 degrees during the day.