Police detain drunk foreigners destroyingn Latvian flag

  • 2007-05-16
  • from wire reports
Police in Riga have detained seven foreigners, Spanish and Portuguese nationals, for damaging Latvia's national flag, a police representative said.Police spokesman Aigars Berzins said the foreigners were trampling on the Latvian flag in the Old City and were held later in Pardaugava on the left bank of the Daugava River, not far from a suspension bridge.The men were visibly drunk, and officers found more damaged Latvian flags on them, but the vandals had managed to throw some of the flags in the river.The young men have been taken to a police station, and are facing criminal prosecution for desecrating a national symbol.Two of the detained are Spanish nationals, aged 25 and 24, while five are Portuguese, aged 25 to 36.If found guilty they may face up to three-year jail terms, community work or fines of up to 50 minimum wages.