Rename Moscow street after Bronze Solider victim: Mironov

  • 2007-05-14
  • From wire reports
In answer to Estonia's decision to remove the Bronze Soldier, some Russian politicians want to rename a street in Moscow after the man killed during the ensuing riots.
But the street in question is the location of the Estonian embassy, making the suggestion even more potent.
Sergei Mironov, speaker of the upper house of Russia's parliament, said Malyi Kislovsky Street should be named after Dmitri Ganin.
Mironov said Ganin was "brutally beaten, chained with handcuffs to a blood-stained lamppost".
"I think it would be fair to rename it in memory of the killed Russian," he said.
The politician's account of Ganin's death is dramatically different from the Estonian record of events.
Estonian police said Ganin, 20, was found with a stab wound to the chest in Tatari Street, the center of the riots. He was taken to hospital but could not be saved.
Police said his pockets were stuffed with items believed to have been looted from a nearby kiosk.
Two people have now been detained in connection to Ganin's death.
Prosecutors refused to name the men, but a Postimess newspaper report said they were aged between 25 and 30 and were both "Russian speakers."
They will remain in custody for six months as investigations continue.