Lithuanian Parliament votes for Pocius' dismissal

  • 2007-05-11
  • From wire reports
Lithuania's Parliament on May 10 approved the decree made by President Valdas Adamkus to dismiss Arvydas Pocius from the post of the Director of the State Security Department (SSD).

The SSD director is appointed and dismissed by the president's with consent from Parliament.

It was the second time Parliament had voted on Pocius' dismissal. In March the vote on the dismissal failed because of insufficient number of votes.

Adamkus had then presented a decree dismissing Pocius in light of the latter's resignation and the fact that last winter Parliament approved the conclusions of a parliamentary probe into the SSD's activities that had disfavored the department.

The president is currently looking for a new candidate to hold the SSD director's position. Until the candidate is approved, Pocius will temporarily head the SSD.