Copies multiply at new service

  • 2000-02-17
  • Valters Medenis
RIGA - The people of Riga who are in need of a photocopy store that provides high levels of quality and service now have one at Copy General at Raina Blvd. 17-2.

The manager of Copy General in Latvia, Jeff Wheeler, assures that they have the latest technology to handle any specific copying needs for the general public and businesses. The store has been open in central Riga since Nov. 29, and to date operations have been running to plan. Copy General has about 30 stores across Eastern Europe, the first being opened in Budapest in 1991.

There are other photocopying services in Riga, but store manager Baiba Berzina believes the service Copy General provides its clients can not be matched. They provide a wide variety of services that include basic photocopying in black and white and color, a variety of sizes, self service machines and a large format digital printer. The digital printer is at the time the only one in Latvia.

Wheeler explained that with the large format digital printer, it is possible for clients to e-mail their order from anywhere in Latvia or from overseas and the staff can download the item and print out the order. He went on to say that the quality from the digital printer is better than a usual copy, and that the service is of great assistance to surveyors, architechts and planners who need plans sent to them and printed. The print can be paid by credit card, delivered to where needed and all done without the client touching a copying machine or leaving the office.

The opportunity to make copies of documents on self-service machines in privacy is a hit with clients, Berzina said.

"They appear to enjoy being able to make copies of things they may not want other people or clerks to see," she said. "What sets us apart from other stores is our excellent service which we provide to our clients. We have self - serve photocopying machines which make it easy for people to do their own copying using a pre-purchased card which counts down the number of copies bought on the card. It also gives a chance for people to do something new to them."

They store also offers envelopes and larger bags for customers to protect the photocopies they have bought. The staff are trained to help the customers and give them any assistance required when catering for their photocopying needs, said Berzina.

Copy General is one of a few photocopying specialists who offer only service when other stores in central Riga offer equipment and service. Wheeler said that this is what sets Copy General apart from the other stores.

The store is open from 7am till 10pm. Sometime later this year Copy General is planning to be open 24 hours, seven days a week to give clients around-the-clock copying service. The price per single-side A-4 black and white is 30 santims with a price break for larger numbers of copies – 101-500 copies at 25 santims each.

Other stores in Riga's central district which sell photocopying services and their per-piece prices for 101-500 copies are: Ricoh:Kr. Barona 30 (50 santims). BOSS: Kr. Valdemara 23, first floor (30 santims). Sharp: Brivibas 144-1 (30 santims). Konica: Maza Pils 6.Lanier: Lacplesa 87 (30 santims).